Digital Transformation and EU Project Consulting since ’98

JO Group is a group of companies founded in 1998 with core business in digital transformation and EU project consulting that put together, as in a cluster, organizations dealing with research and development in ICT ( virtual reality and augmented reality, blockchain, artificial intelligence and big data), agrifood tech, development of eLearning platforms, production of online courses and serious games, eHealth, blue technology, energy efficiency, business consulting on structural funds, European projects, digital marketing and boost to digital transformation and EU citizenship.

The JO Group logo is a spiral, for us a symbol of knowledge. Our way of conceiving learning corresponds precisely to a spiral movement: if you are hungry for knowledge, every time you deal with the same activity you could get more information. In addition, the continuous rereading of reality, in an economic system based on know-how, represents a competitive advantage.

Through using Skype and other online collaboration tools on a daily basis, JO Group can easily work across Europe, from Iceland to Turkey from Lithuania to Portugal.

Research and Development ICT

Since 2003 PMF Research has its core business in research and development in ICT (virtual reality and augmented reality, blockchain, artificial intelligence and big data), taking part in numerous international projects together with public and private research bodies, universities and enterprises. It is also a technology transfer consultant helping the matching between the world of research and enterprises in order to create research-applied solution to the SMEs technological innovation.

eLearning and Serious Games

Since 2004 VITECO is the provider of eLearning platforms which pays attention to detail and to customer care as its main strength. Thanks to its experience, the learning management systems make the long distance training pleasant either for teachers and for students. It supports throughout Europe learning trainers and corporations producing courses in SCORM and serious games.

eHealth and Smart Healthcare

IPPOCRATE AS is a software house specialised in the development of digital technologies for eHealth and smart healthcare solutions. It is involved in both Italian and European research and development consortia. It has a long experience in acquiring research funds by drawing on the agencies of the European Commission, Ministries and Regions.

Agrifood Tech and App Development

HT Apps is a software house and since 2004 has its core business in agrifood tech and in development of apps. The expertise gained in web applications has allowed the company to have a leading role in international R&D projects in the field of ICT in collaboration with companies and research centers throughout Europe. It focuses especially on the ease of use and the stability of the solutions adopted, pointing its success on the reliability of the tailored web applications.

Blue Technology and Energy Efficiency

IPPO Engineering since 2004 is active in the environmental field and exactly in blue technologyenergy efficiency and renewable energy. In its activities it aims to adopt the latest digital innovations in the environmental sector and provides its services to many Italian city councils and municipalities. It participates in several international projects financed with structural funds and with direct funding from European Commission agencies.

European Funds

JO Consulting is a consulting company with expertise in European projects and structural funds, active in Italy and Europe since 1998. It offers consulting services to companies, associations and public bodies to get structural funds made available by several regional, national and European calls for proposal. With a focus on European project management, JO Consulting sets up international partnerships in order to gain credibility within the European context.

Web Marketing

Since 2008 Moka Adv is the web agency with a strong taste of JO Group. It creates digital experiences for its Clients across Europe: from websites to video making, from social media marketing to Google search advertising. A constantly evolving mixture of services. Moka Adv daily uses Skype and other online collaboration tools that allow it to work easily from Iceland to Turkey, from Lithuania to Portugal.

EU citizenship

e-Medine is a not-for-profit association dedicated to the promotion of EU citizenship and of the role of Europe as a large motherland. The Italian not-for-profit aims to facilitate civic participation of social actors, such as young citizens and public administrations, through the implementation of awareness raising campaigns, round tables and the dissemination of best practices. To achieve the goal it promotes the adoption of serious games and of other digital methodologies that have already shown their effectivness.

Innovation hub

JO Education is an innovation hub, a research centre for talents and innovators whose main aim is the exchange of knowledge concerning different disciplines such as digital transformation, emerging technologies, smart factories and smart cities, business challenges, healthcare, European projects and much more. JO Education organise workshops and meetings to enhance all the digital aspects to help start-ups in growing in the digital transformation environment.


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