Leftover Challenge

Aim of the project is to increase awareness of food waste and its impact through the consumers of the future: children in primary education. We focused on defining the core reasons why households with young children currently waste food and suggest achievable improvements.
In addition, Leftover Challenge developed a serious game for elementary schools, stimulating an open, non-judgemental conversation about how food is handled in different homes.
Finally, we intend to facilitate primary school teachers in embedding the game in their classroom and extend its impact.

IPPO Engineering  is the lead for Quality Assurance and Dissemination. During the course of the project, they coordinate and monitor all QA and dissemination efforts. Finally, IPPO Engineering ensures hosting and continued availability of materials after completion of the project.

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Dec. 2023 - Nov. 2025

Total budget

250.000,00 €

Project number




Other projects in which we partecipated