Step by Step Renovation Towards Nearly Zero Energy Sport Buildings

IPPO participates to the IEE – Intelligent Energy Europe project titled STEP-2-SPORT. The project covers the field of Integrated Initiatives, focused on energy efficiency (EE) and renewable energy (RE) use in buildings.

The project aims to support the refurbishment of the existing sport buildings through step by step renovation towards NZEB, contributing to the EU energy objectives. In Europe, there are around one million and half sports facilities, which represents 8% of the overall building stock. Most of them were built before 1980 and need refurbishment because no considerable changes have been made to the initial conditions.

Energy audits and energy performance certification (EPC) will be performed in 22 pilot sport facilities from 7 different countries (Sweden, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece and Bulgaria) in order to identify energy improvement opportunities as well as to determine their energy rating. Action Plans for renovation of pilots will be developed, identifying what EE and RE measures should implement each pilot sport building over the next 10 years in order to be a NZEB.

Following the recommendations defined in the action plans, energy improvement measures will be set up during the project duration, and their implementation will be monitored. From the experience obtained and the information compiled, a roadmap will be defined with the aim of achieving NZEB in EU sport buildings in the medium-long term. ESCOs and EPC market will be promoted to overcome financial barriers.

The goal is to increase the demand on the market for step-by-step renovation of the sport buildings. A great burden of the project will be spreading the gathered information on a large scale, to raise the awareness of the highest number of stakeholders, in order to encourage replication of the project in other EU sport buildings. With the support from large multipliers, a Replication Plan will be designed which will involve several tools for supporting sport building managers/owners when they are dealing with renovations towards NZEB.

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Mar. 2014 – Feb. 2017

Total budget

1.901.302 €

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