ECHOES – ExChange Of ExpertiSe in healthcare

The Echoes project aims to develop a digital platform to facilitate the exchange of expertise between healthcare universities across Europe. The platform allows healthcare professionals and healthcare educators to register their expertise and allow universities to find the experts they need. In addition, the platform has a video-conferencing tool that they can use to exchange expertise. Additionally, the project will upskill educators’ digital skills and contribute to the “Internet of things” policy of the EU.

PMF Research goal is to design and implement ECHOES networking e-platform with a built-in video-conferencing tool.
The platform allows the experts to be contacted by healthcare universities and invite them to exchange their expertise across Europe. The algorithm allowing the match-making of profiles is AI based.

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Dec. 2023 - Nov. 2026

Total budget

400.000,00 €

Project number




Other projects in which we partecipated