Stronger Youth

Stronger Youth – Empowering young people social competences and soft skills through peer mentoring

Goal of the project is to support organisations in the peer mentoring process by providing methods for prospecting volunteers among resilient youngsters and offer them tools for working with, and support their peers that are at risk of depression or social exclusion.
Project aims to develop a methodology along with the complete set of tools to conduct the process of peer mentoring in order to prevent depressive behaviours and social exclusion among young people. This includes:

  • on-line skill assessment tool that examines social and communication skills and gives the feedback in order to become a mentor or to improve;
  • guide for educators on how to supervise the mentoring process;
  • set of activities for mentors and mentees for common doing that will develop social and psychical resilience.

The main contribution of VITECO is the development of an Online Social Skills Assessment Tool (platform) that allows young people to assess their strengths and weaknesses in terms of social competences. In more details, this on-line tool is available as a self-test that will result in diagnosis based on points gained for answers for specific questions. The scale will tell if the candidate is ready to work as a peer mentor, or some skills should be improved to do so.


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Dec. 2023 - Nov. 2025

Total budget

250.000,00 €

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Other projects in which we partecipated