FEM-Up – Level Up female entrepreneurship and STEM skills to foster women empowerment

FEM-Up goal is supporting women’s innovation and economic empowerment both through work-based educational pathways, and by providing women with real entrepreneurial support, facilitating the development of their entrepreneurial skills, and promoting gender equity via actions that push for the employment of women in innovative business areas and tackle unconscious biases regarding female entrepreneurship and leadership. FEM-Up wants to inspire and encourage young women to overcome social and cultural barriers showing and making them apply their creative and innovative side via a training pathway and a contest that will bring them to concretely develop their own innovative ideas. In the long run the objective is to contribute to the increase of female innovators/entrepreneurs in Europe.

JO Consulting is the leader for the “Establishment of the FEM-Up Academy, training contents & e-platform”, thanks to its expertise on business consultancy, training programmes & curriculum and call for proposals targeted to SMEs. Specifically JO Consulting will lead activities to establish the FEM-Up Academy (Establishment of the FEM-Up Advisory Board, Drafting of the FEM-Up Academy Agenda with P1-DOBA & P5-IU, Selection of the FEM-Up Trainers, Selection of FEM-Up Learners, Planning and Preparing the “FEM-Up your Idea” Contest).

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Oct. 2023 - Sep. 2025

Total budget

250.000,00 €

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Other projects in which we partecipated