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Emerging technologies to accelerate digital transformation

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In recent years, we have seen an acceleration of the digitalisation process, which has led to a radical and sudden change in habits and consumptions. Being aware of emerging technologies is the way to keep one step ahead of competitors and to be able to offer solutions suited to new market needs.

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What are the emerging technologies

Emerging technology generally means a new technology, but can also refer to the development of an existing one. Emerging technologies affect many sectors; here are the main ones:

digital transformation


There is no doubt that blockchain is among the most revolutionary emerging technologies, in simple terms it represents a shared and immutable ledger that facilitates the processes of recording transactions and monitoring assets in corporate networks.

3D printing

Although 3D printing has not lived up to expectations so far, it has all the potential to transform manufacturing. The future in this field is very uncertain, but it would certainly bring a revolutionary change.

5G and 6G

5G is now affordable and is estimated to be around 100 to 1000 times faster than 4G LTE. 6G aims to be even faster, up to one Terabyte per second and reachable from anywhere, even from the depths, where 5G will not arrive. However, if 6G is part of a still relatively distant future, 5G is now a reality.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence is bringing about major changes in many areas and different sectors, establishing itself as the main emerging technology. Although AI is now part of our everyday life (just think of virtual assistants such as Google or Alexa), the predictions for the future are actually much more ambitious.

Quantum technologies

Quantum technologies use physical phenomena on an atomic and subatomic scale. Briefly, unlike a classical computer, which performs calculations one at a time, a quantum computer can perform many calculations at the same time. Moreover, quantum computing could bring about significant changes in the field of cybersecurity.

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT exploits the potential of sensors and 5G to connect and make devices and systems interact, making environments smarter and more interconnected. This technology as well as AI represents one of the main emerging technologies both in terms of potential as part of industry 4.0 and applications in home automation and smart home.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing is definitely a technology that will accompany us in the following years. In future work environments, the further we move away from traditional models, the more fundamental the cloud will become. Cloud technology removes common financial barriers to innovation and digital transformation, making it a very profitable solution for businesses.

Why it is essential to be aware about new technologies

Having knowledge and awareness of new technologies is essential to avoid limitations and exclusions. Being able to integrate new technologies into one’s corporate background has many advantages, the most important are:

The Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy's call for the realisation of new “Emerging Technology Houses”

The Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy has allocated new funds to finance the construction of new “Emerging Technology Houses”. Currently, there are already five in Italy: Turin, Rome, Bari, Prato and L’Aquila. Technology Houses aim to support research and experimentation projects, support the emergence of start-ups and encourage technology transfer to small and medium-sized businesses.

For this programme, EUR 80 million has been allocated to Municipalities covered by the ultra-broadband network who, together with universities, research centres and companies, aim to develop research, experimentation and technology transfer programmes, towards start-ups and SMEs, based on the use of:

JO Group: supports you in the process of digital transformation

A company survives on its ability to update itself, using the resources that innovation can offer. However, to achieve concrete objectives, as mentioned above, requires a great deal of awareness and mastery of new technologies.

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