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Business consultant: who he is, what he does and why it is important to have it

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In the dynamic world of business, the business consultant is a highly specialized figure who can offer strategic support to companies and entities seeking to improve their performance and seize market opportunities, such as those offered by the world of structural funds.

Indeed, through careful analysis of the context, the business consultant is able to identify areas for improvement, proposing innovative and effective solutions. Read on to learn who the business consultant is, what he or she does, and what contribution he or she can make to your business.

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business consultant

Who is the business consultant

The business consultant is a professional with an extensive background in the fields of business finance, business strategy and business management. His or her job is to provide specialized advice and support to those businesses that need to improve certain areas, optimizing processes and implementing solutions that will prove effective for their growth.

Specifically, a business consultant deals with:

What the business consultant does

A business consultant plays a leading role in accessing benefits from structural funds or, in some cases, participation in European projects.

Both areas represent no small opportunities if we consider the substantial financial resources they periodically make available to businesses. Structural funds, in this case, includes a range of instruments, such as low-interest loans, tax credits and grants, which can ease the financial burden on entrepreneurs or support them in the start-up stages of their businesses.

However, the role of the business consultant is not limited to structural funds and European projects. A business consultant is (or should be) able to offer 360-degree support, thus ranging from business strategy definition to human resource management.

With his or her overview and analytical skills, the business consultant identifies areas for improvement and proposes solutions that are as innovative as they are practical so as to increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve competitiveness.

What skills he must have

In order to do his or her job to the best of his or her ability, a business consultant must possess a whole range of soft skills, such as leadership, communication skills, problem solving, and an aptitude for change when required.

It must also keep abreast of the latest trends in the relevant field, current regulations and funding opportunities; only then can it offer a service with high added value.

Knowledge of European funding programs: a ‘must have’

If a company would like to tap into EU resources, the chosen business consultant should be familiar with European Union funding programs (e.g., Horizon Europe, Erasmus+, European Solidarity Corps, Creative Europe, etc).

Participating in national and European projects, in addition to ensuring high prestige, gives access to funding sources of a certain kind, which do not contemplate improvisation; therefore, it is important to rely on expert consultants.

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