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JO Group, a 26 years journey based on adaptability and resilience

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JO Group celebrated its 26th birthday, crossing a quarter of a century in business. Founded in 1998, the cluster has established itself as a leader in structural funds and digital transformation, constantly evolving.

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Adaptability and resilience

During the team building event, held in Catania on 29 May 2024, CEO Giuseppe Ursino said: ‘From 2022 the world has started to run… there have been and will be big changes and we cannot do anything about it, only adapt, getting out of the comfort zone‘.

This philosophy, based on adaptability and resilience, enabled the group to overcome the financial crisis caused by the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers, to emerge unscathed from the pandemic and to cope with the current inflationary and geopolitical crisis, the result of the Russian-Ukrainian war.

Human resources at the centre

With a vision to value human resources as a fundamental asset, Ursino emphasises the importance of learning by doing and 3 fundamental KPIs that every JOer must have: technical skills, positive attitude and support for the cluster’s holonic system.

These principles have contributed and will contribute to creating – according to the CEO – a working environment where diversity of approach and mentality coexist, pushing the organisation to scale new heights.

JO Group

JO Group today

Today, JO Group stands out for its innovative business lines, which include national and European projects, SaaS platforms such as e-Logos, ULOI and MedicalFAD, serious games, and management consulting, digital marketing and much more.

The group’s historical memory recalls a continuous growth, especially in the decade 1998-2008, followed by a remarkable resilience in the face of economic and global adversity.

Future challenges

Looking to the future, JO Group calls for a strengthening of the European ecosystem in defence of values such as democracy, freedom, gender equality, social inclusion and intercultural dynamics, religious tolerance and ecological transition.

With projects such as Europe Direct Catania e-Medine and JO Education’s Innovation Hub Catania, JO Group is committed to disseminating its holistic vision in Sicily and beyond.

The 26th anniversary of the founding of JO Group is not simply a milestone, but a starting point, a bridge, to the future. With a history of resilience and innovation, the cluster is ready to sail the unknown seas, keeping the rudder of innovation and excellence steady.

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