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Digital leadership: how to get it in 5 steps [CEO’s guide with examples]

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The present is characterized by a new form of leadership: digital leadership. But how to get it? Who are the digital leaders? Read on to find out!

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What is digital leadership?

Digital leadership is a leader’s ability to fully understand the potential of digital and use it strategically to achieve business goals. It’s not just about adopting new tools and platforms, it’s about embracing a mindset of innovation, agility and collaboration.

Digital leaders have a clear vision of how technology can improve business and UX. They know how to inspire and motivate teams, think creatively and experiment. They promote an open, flexible and data-driven company culture.

Characteristics of a digital leader

A digital leader possesses the following features:

Strategic thinking

Strategic thinking is the ability to align vision with business goals by mapping out a digital roadmap.

Technological knowledge

A digital leader, even if not classifiable as an insider tout court, must know emerging technologies (AI, IoT, blockchain, etc.) and understand their potential.

Customers centricity

Customer centricity is the ability to put customers at the center, using the latest technology to understand their needs.

Systemic vision

A digital leader must have a systemic vision and, therefore, be able to build strategic partnerships with startups, other companies, universities and research and development (R&D) centers.


Like all leaders (even non-digital ones), they must engage employees by providing appropriate answers to ethical issues such as privacy, social inclusion and intercultural dynamics.
digital leadership

How to get digital leadership in 5 steps [guide for CEOs]

Digital leadership, therefore, is the ability to navigate and guide one’s company through technological change. Are you ready to find out how to get it? Start!

1. Develop a digital mindset

First and foremost, it is essential that you have a ‘digital mindset’, meaning that you are open to change and do not reject it. A digital leader must be curious and willing to learn all the time. For example, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has improved the company’s know-how by creating online courses on the latest technology trends.

2. Try to have a clear vision

Try to have a clear vision of how technology can contribute to the organization’s mission. Jeff Bezos, the owner of Amazon, demonstrated this by realizing early that a single e-commerce could sell everything: from books to household appliances, exploiting the power of digital marketing.

3. Enable digital communication

If you foster a collaborative work environment, it will also improve the mood of your employees. Leverage collaborative platforms, such as Slack or Teams, to facilitate idea sharing and cross-fertilization between teams. One example is IBM, which uses generative artificial intelligence (AI) to improve employee engagement.

4. Be a digital model

Be an example: use technology yourself in an ethical way. Meta’s Sheryl Sandberg continually promotes responsible use of social media within the company, emphasizing the idea that it is impossible to build effective social media without positive communities.

5. Encourage employees to experiment with new technologies

Encourage your employees to use new technologies by providing safe brainstorming spaces where employees can confidently develop new ideas. Google, with its “20% of the time” policy, for example, allows employees to devote a portion of their workday to personal projects, many of which then lead to innovations for the company.

Case study: General Electric

General Electric perfectly exemplifies this. Under Jeffrey Immelt‘s leadership, GE has invested heavily in industry 4.0 and digital transformation, developing its own platform, Predix, for industrial data analytics. In just a few years, Predix has made it easier to design new products and services.

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