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Business consulting well explained: the ultimate guide

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However passion-driven and intuition-driven an entrepreneur may be, he will never be able to manage customers, suppliers, various departments (marketing, finance, production, etc.) and personnel himself.

Hence business or management consulting is one of the most relevant activities within the corporate microcosm. There are, in fact, many fields that require specific skills, which are, most of the time, not present among the company’s resources.

It is then up to the “enlightened entrepreneur” to find the right business consulting company to help him achieve his goals. JO Consulting, a member of the JO Group cluster of companies, for example, could help you draw up a business plan, take advantage of certain benefits or, last but not least, get your business off the ground.

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Business consulting: what it is and why it is important

Business consulting is nothing other than that activity through which any entrepreneur can improve his or her business. In other words, it’s the provision of individual, occasional or ongoing professional services aimed at offering advice and opinions. The latter are offered by experts in the field, whether or not they are grouped together in consulting companies.

An external advice from someone who is not involved in the daily hustle and bustle of the company, may in fact prove to be the key to identifying problems and solutions that would otherwise be difficult to find from the inside.

Management consulting

Although management consulting is a form of business consulting, it differs, in shotrt, that it is mostly aimed at top management, partners, entrepreneurs and seniors. In addition, it is also characterised by a high degree of strategic content, of an executive or organisational nature

consulenza aziendale

Business consultant: who he is and what he does

Anyone can offer a business consulting service, as long as they have an excellent business and management background and are able to offer advice and solutions to the problems that affect the company.

These are most often professionals such as lawyers, engineers, accountants, communication experts, etc., whose tasks include:

With the help of data analysis, monitoring and control tools, consultants offer innovative and effective management methods. As far as purely technical skills are concerned, business consultants, in addition to knowing how to use today’s computer software and equipment, must also know other languages (primarily English) and develop a strong knowledge of both the target market and the company they will be working for.

How much does a business consultant earn

The salary of a business consultant is very variable; it depends on the type of clients and the quality of the service offered. In general, a freelancer with VAT registration earns between EUR 2,500 and EUR 2,000 net per month.

Gli ambiti e le attività della consulenza aziendale

A good business consultant or a good business consulting company can cover from financial, production and commercial to organisational, legal and administrative sector.

The activities to be performed can be:

Let’s discover them together.


These are all those activities, such as a company reorganisation or the opportunity for a new investment, in which the manager of a company is asked to make a complicated decision. Appropriate business advice can help him during the decision-making process by providing him with data, forecasts and an overview.


Improvement activities certainly include those related to increasing productivity and sales. The area of corporate training, within which motivational training is included, should also not be underestimate. The ultimate goal is always one: to identify and improve those company’s areas that have room for growth.

New ideas and proposals

A company cannot live on what it already has and it is in the nature of capitalism to strive for an almost infinite increase in turnover; therefore a good business consulting company will always be able to provide new ideas and proposals on how to improve the business. In fact, each innovation will represent a “gamble” for the company that can lead to new results in the long run.


Never updating one’s knowledge is unthinkable. Therefore, a continuous exchange of information between entrepreneur, team and consulting company must be perpetuated over time, so that new know-how is assimilated and innovative strategies are developed. In some cases, the consulting company can also take over the training of employees.

consulenza aziendale

JO Group: the ultimate all-in-one solution

JO Group is a cluster of companies established in 1998 and has in digital transformation, European project development and business consulting  its core business. Its companies, in particular JO Consulting, are able to cover different sectors, from business consulting to web marketing to the development of software solutions for SMEs.

JO Group is able to provide high-level business and management consulting with a pool of experts in finance, marketing, resource management and corporate culture.

For entrepreneurs and the future of their businesses, taking advantage of such business consulting can be the ultimate all-in-one solution. It’s time for your business and your projects to acquire the right tools to succeed and prosper. Trust the JO Group team by filling out the contact form below or contact us via LinkedIn. 

JO Group: #borntoinnovate.

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