Youth Empowerment by Entrepreneurial Skills

JO Consulting takes part to the YES project, co-funded by the European programme “Erasmus +”.

YES helps youth workers to understand what entrepreneurship is and to put it into practice through a series of modern and digital tools within the Venture Programme Project (VPP). This makes their professional profile much stronger and improves their survival rate as entrepreneurs. In addition, youth workers can transfer their new trained skills and use YES methodology. As a result, the project contributes to fight youth unemployment through entrepreneurship.

Therefore, the final aim of YES project is that youth workers develop the basic competencies and confidence to create their own business and know how to use the practical tools for that, contributing to the fight against youth unemployment.

The target groups of YES are young people who are facing learning difficulties, from lack of motivation to educational capabilities limitations. These individuals are at the end of their formal education courses and (almost) ready to work or to continue to the next level of education. In both cases, YES programme can provide them with a solid base for starting their own company and they even have the possibility to continue their concepts developed during this programme, prepare a solid business plan and give life to their business.

JO Consulting, as technological partner, provides the eLearning software with the formative courses as real valuable learning resources for young learners and trainers. The idea is to create an interactive learning area containing a set of quizzes, exercises, videos and useful training material that encourage the involvement and the active participation of target users.

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Sep. 2018- Jan. 2021

Total budget

249.320,00 €

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Other projects in which we partecipated