The Three Questions Model Of Developing Social Entrepreneurs

The 3 Questions Model (T3QM) project develops, tests, evaluates and valorises the 3QM Model across Europe. T3QM is an innovative way for adult educators to offer high quality and needs focused coaching to (social) start-up founders. Adult learners (entrepreneur) will be able, through this approach, to develop a fledgling start-up into an impactful and income generating enterprise.

T3QM is focused on practical business experience and the innovative business model comes from Bridging to the Future (a UK enterprise incubator) blended methodology of (social) entrepreneurship support comprising of micro-investment, start-ups and incubation.

T3QM enables a wide variety of aspirant entrepreneurs, from backgrounds of need and whom fail to access traditional support, to practically develop their enterprise ideas. They will approach business development not as a theoretical exercise, but from the perspective of the market and of the entrepreneur. In this way, they can also analyse all the steps needed to start a business and create employment.

The 3QM project is then designed to share a methodology of adult education which creates self-employment, offers an alternative to unemployment, and raises entrepreneurial skills and mind-sets amongst disadvantaged/peripheral people and communities.

The rationale is that in these socio-economic environments there is a need for an innovative adult education pathway which emphasises social entrepreneurship self-employment as proven and successful ways of overcoming traditional barriers and persistent unemployment. As a proven and successful solution to unemployment in the UK, the methodology is transferred to new socio-cultural, linguistic and geographical communities in order to meet the specific needs and challenges faced here.

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Oct. 2017 – Sep. 2019

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Other projects in which we partecipated