SSME Academy

Social SME Academy

The Social SME Academy project aims to promote social entrepreneurship among young people by fostering their creativity and giving them support in starting up their new business ideas through a Business Incubator Coaching Programme. It offers strong impact towards youth willing to undertake entrepreneurial experience in social field by empowering their soft skills and competences and supporting them in creation of new businesses ideas.

The project targets people among 15-29 years old. It is addressed to those who want to learn how to strengthen soft skills that are particularly sought-after by employers, but also to would-be entrepreneurs. In both cases, they are supported through a methodology already tested with success in more than 5 European countries.

Initially, partners develop an Online Handbook on Societal Challenges faced by partners’ countries, which analyses current trends in social entrepreneurship.

In the 2nd phase, the Social Entrepreneurship Manual is developed, to indicate those steps that young people have to follow in order to become social entrepreneurs. The Manual also includes a solid needs assessment which analyses the views of young people and youth workers at a European and national level.

In the 3rd phase, 50 young aspiring social entrepreneurs participate to the BUSINESS INCUBATOR COACHING PROGRAMME that is organised in all partners’ countries. Young people from all over Europe are assisted during their start-up phase, through direct and online mentoring and tutoring, in order to shape their business ideas in the social field and develop their hard and soft skills.

In the 4th phase, partners develop 10 video tutorials based on the training materials used for the pilots and the Manual of Best Practices. The videos are used to strengthen the relationship with our target group of young people and attract more potential users by approaching them in a direct and practical way.

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Oct. 2017 – Sep. 2019

Total budget

148.310,00 €

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Other projects in which we partecipated