Self-Employment and English for Peripheral Regions

JO Consulting takes part to SELF-REGENERATE project, co-funded by the European programme “Erasmus +”.

The project aims at equipping VET institutions with an enterprise coaching methodology and interactive learning system that enables their students to enter the business world fully equipped with the business and English skills to become successfully self-employed. By supporting the creation of an incubation programme in VET, students can become active economic players of the region – thus supporting the local development.

SELF-REGENERATE has two objectives: increase the capacity of VET students to become self-employed and create more successful enterprises and increase the capacity of VET Institutions to provide practical and real enterprise support.

In order to reach such objectives, the project develops a practical methodology that combines the Bridge Model and business English. The Bridge Model is a structured method with 4 stages from pre-start up to a mature and sustainable business. This methodology is complemented by the improvement of students’ English. The ability to speak English is seen as a key to raise career aspirations. It plays an important role in upskilling the students so that they can make their enterprises more sustainable and also become more employable.

The project foresees the development of an eLearning platform with practical exercises in “English and Enterprise” and an eLearning community with multimedia contents and open education resources on business English courses.

JO CONSULTING, as technological partner, provides an Open Education Resource (OER), which is a digital portal with the eLearning community where visitors can download, adapt and upload individual and training activities and support each other. The idea is to create an interactive learning system containing a set of exercises, videos and useful training material that encourage the involvement and active participation of target users.

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Oct. 2018 - Dec. 2020

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168720.00 €

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Other projects in which we partecipated