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Technology continuously shapes manifold aspects of our life and only over time we can grab the effects of many digital transformation processes without which our life today would be unimaginable. JO Group continues to ride the wave of technological innovation, facing many challenges in the most disparate sectors of digital transformation. Let’s see them together.


JO Group had many successes in 2019. We write here those that come to mind, because describing them all would become too difficult and long.

In the field of social entrepreneurship VITECO, as leader for e-learning in the international consortium, participated in the SSME Academy project which aimed to help young aspiring entrepreneurs acquire useful tools and tips to start a social business, thanks to a coaching program. VITECO has created video tutorials available online and implemented self-assessment skills tests in SCORM format.

Remaining in the business sector, JO Consulting participated in the T3QM project, in which it created a manual for entrepreneurs and an interactive guide for educators. A simplified business plan has been implemented with the 3-question model: what are you selling? To whom are you selling? How much are you selling?

Within the YES European consortium, JO Consulting committed to help young workers understand what entrepreneurship is and put it into practice through interactive digital tools.

VITECO was the leader of the #PlayEurope project, which involved 9 partners in the creation of an interactive online manual for young aspiring entrepreneurs, using edutainment and gamification to acquire soft and hard skills. This manual contains the success stories of some entrepreneurs under 35 to motivate young people to start entrepreneurship.

With the EATI project, VITECO has used its flagship lms platform e-Logos to enable unemployed adults to acquire distinctive skills and to create a common European validation for soft-skills.

In the field of adult learning, for the international project Ge&In, which aims for the improvement of social inclusion and cohesion, VITECO developed the lms platform as an interactive space for teachers and facilitators, in order to create an European network in which universities, teachers formal schools, NGOs, parents and company representatives can share and exchange information, experiences, suggestions and examples of good practice on intergenerational learning.

In the European ImmiMATH consortium, VITECO developed serious games for teaching mathematics in schools.

Interactive learning is also the main focus of the Self-Regenerate consortium, in which JO Consulting is the protagonist and which aims to provide professional institutes with a corporate coaching methodology that allows students to enter the business world with the necessary skills to become autonomous.

VITECO, through its e-learning software and videos, is the protagonist of the Turkish-European project VET4R&D, supporting of the staff working in the field of R&D.

Another JO Group company, PMF Research, is the leader of the European Precobias project which aims to counter the radicalization among young people, through online campaigns and tool kits for teachers and social workers, avoiding those forms of distortion in assessing the reality caused by bias.

PMF Research is also the protagonist of PEaCH, the international project to support bilingual families in the growth of their children, developing a set of videos designed for this type of family context.

Moreover, PMF Research developed a multilingual web app and many cartoons for the NORADICA consortium, which promotes interreligious dialogue to prevent radicalization.

For the POMELO project, which is devoted to cultural integration, PMF Research develops the infogame and the competence map on music, for social inclusion and the learning of foreign languages by singing.

PMF Research in the VESTA project developed an alarm control unit in the cloud, i.e. a virtual control unit that remotely manages intrusion detection sensors without a physical control unit that could be subject to sabotage by burglars.

Another JO Group company, HT Apps, is the protagonist of the European consortium FAVILLE, in which it develops the web app for e-learning facilitators, i.e. those tutors who support the teacher to moderate online classes and provide tools and useful advice to facilitate training sessions.

In the field of AAL – Active Assisted Living, VITECO is involved in the Italian-Maltese consortium NATIFLife, developing the communication platform, the interfaces for sensors and mobile app and the interactive map that monitors the user within a controlled environment.

VITECO also handled the online platform and videos for the Heritage Hubs project, which aimed to share the knowledge about the European cultural heritage and to stimulate the intercultural exchange.

In the field of medical predictivity, HT Apps has been involved in the Domus Sapiens consortium, whose main focus is the monitoring of the state of well-being of people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), using a platform for big data, a profiling algorithm, biometric sensors and machine learning.

In the field of e-health and m-health, VITECO is a protagonist in the international Prevent4Work consortium, designing online training software and videos that aim to prevent work-related musculoskeletal disorders.

With regards to blockchain technology, VITECO is involved in the BLOCKS project providing support for the creation and distribution of toolkits and study materials for entrepreneurs, students and teachers who wish to approach this disruptive technology.

So many thingsw


Even if in 2019 JO Group was engaged in dozens of challenges of any kinds, 2020 is expected to be an even richer year!

In the area of digital transformation, HT Apps and PMF Research will use virtual reality and 3D technologies in the Minerva project, which will be focused on the safety sector for worker in photovoltaic systems.

In the context of Industry 4.0, IPPO Engineering, another JO Group company, will develop an app for the Efesto project, which will monitor the status and use of the machinery through the use of QR codes for the storage of information and problems.

Furthermore, PMF Research will be the protagonist of the Secesta Viasafe consortium, developing simulation models of the volcanic ash fall on the roads, to provide Municipalities and Provinces with useful information for organizing cleaning and road safety, also focusing on the installation of information panels on the Catania-Messina motorway.

HT Apps will develop the server connected to the network architecture that will process the data in order to map movements in real time and send alarm signals in case of danger for the Resima Smart consortium, which will implement a methodology based on the use of the multisensory architecture and intelligent computational paradigms to improve the autonomy of the elderly and vulnerable people in indoor environments.

In the context of e-health, PMF Research will be involved in the PKU project, which will aim to identify the metabolic diseases of children before their birth, creating the mobile app that will interface with health devices.

For the international DEFINE project, VITECO, through serious games and skill cards for trainers, will provide the elderly with the necessary skills to face the world of technology and finance.

VITECO will also be the protagonist of the Food Gaming for Active Ageing project, developing the visual identity and creating serious games for the spread of healthy lifestyle habits.

In the international consortium We Are At Work, Too, VITECO will develop an lms platform to support students with disabilities, helping them integrate into society and enter the world of work.

As technological leader of the European NET project, VITECO will create interactive materials and online courses which will aim to promote a stimulating educational environment for a network of communities, schools, teachers and students.

2020 will also be an interesting year for JO Consulting, as leader of the Horizon 2020 INNovaSouth project, will select and grant monetary vouchers to dozens of innovative Sicilian and Greek companies, rewarding the workplace innovations that improve the quality of life of workers.

Finally, a very brief mention of some products of the JO Group stable.

2020 opens with the restyling of the JOBY Attendance Tracking App and with the launch of the new JOBY Gps Attendance Tracking App, created by HT Apps that uses geolocation to control entrances and exits to and from the workplace, particularly suitable for construction companies, cleaning companies and all off-site workers.

In addition, by March 2020, VITECO’s lms platform e-Logos, currently used in the English and Italian versions, will be published in all the most important European languages.

We conclude this rich article of the JOurnal with the concept of the JO Group logo: that spiral is for the JOers the symbol of knowledge! It has always represented the how JO Group conceives learning. The curiosity for innovation, the hunger for knowledge and the continuous reinterpretation of reality have always been the competitive advantages that allow JO Group, year by year, to contaminate with the digital transformation every environment with which it come into contact.


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