Social Mindedness in Learning community

The Lifelong Learning Programme project SMILEY – Social Mindedness In LEarning community is led by the University of Catania supported by Moka Adv (by P.M.F.), which is responsible for the whole dissemination and exploitation of the project.

The aim of SMILEY is to implement awareness‐raising programmes in schools, realizing several courses based on the most important social issues. The methodology developed within the project is implemented in several schools and educational institutes in EU and in other Associated Countries, and the direct benefit and impact focuses on educational staff and students.

Considering all these elements, SMILEY improves the social mindedness and solidarity with a horizontal bottom‐up approach enhancing students’ ICT competences and promoting a common European feeling upon these crucial issues. In fact, despite the fact that the EU incessantly promotes values as dignity, equality and solidarity, every day one of these rights is violated and this is clearly worrying.

Therefore, this bottom‐up approach helps teachers and educational staff to deal with social issues – such as bullying -, and to face students’ possible violent attitudes through an online Educational Role‐playing Game. In this scenario, students are entertained while learning, through short animations and interactive games which aim to attract their interest. Moreover both the research and the tools created are useful for further studies and a help to work against social problems faced in many schools on a daily basis.

PMF Research supports the coordinator in the development of the project and, according to its experience in previous projects, is leader of the dissemination strategy and exploitation. Further, it is involved in the development of the ICT tools and also in the evaluation of the questionnaires.

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Moka Adv


Jan. 2011 – Dec. 2012

Total budget

392.008,00 €

Project number

2010-4406 /001-001

Other projects in which we partecipated