Inter‐Religious Dialogue Against Radicalization of Youth through Innovative Learning Practices at School

New expressions of radicalisation are increasingly spreading by the mass media, it seems useful to consider that the starting point in the battle to prevent youth radicalization have to be played from the‘inside’ of the EU educational system. The school is considered as a place for a constructive dialogue on the positive value of diversity. Moreover, school strengthen students’ resilience to radicalization, offering a safe environment and time to discuss and examine controversial and complex issues, especially during adolescence/pre-adolescence.

In this context, NORADICA project aims to launch a dialogue focused on a better understanding between religions to prevent radicalization.

It designs and implements an integrated set of activities and OER to promote inter-religious dialogue at school in cooperation with relevant stakeholders and religious communities in the partner Countries.

The project consists of several steps; it provides a mixed strategy of advancing knowledge on youth radicalization risk factors and implementation of new educational activities and workshops carried out in some leading-schools. This offers the teachers useful tools for their classroom work.

NORADICA Project wants to connect youths with the heterogeneous religious groups interacting with their daily-life contexts. The aim is to foster the process of understanding the structural diversity of EU society as a value instead of a barrier to reach a peaceful coexistence. NORADICA implements this approach into the main socializing institution, the school, with the building of a network based upon sharing information, good practices and research-based knowledge.

All these elements work as a social-constructed antidote to exclusion and radicalization dynamics among youth, empowering teachers and schools with tools and practices related to religious issues.

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Nov. 2017 – Oct. 2019

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Other projects in which we partecipated