Inter‐Religious Dialogue Against Radicalization of Youth through Innovative Learning Practices at School

The project aims to launch a dialogue focused on a better understanding between religions to prevent radicalization. It will design and implement an integrated set of activities and OER to promote inter-religious dialogue at school in cooperation with relevant stakeholders and religious communities in the partner Countries. The project will consist of several steps; it will provide a mixed strategy of advancing knowledge on youth radicalization risk factors and implementation of experimental educational activities and workshops carried out in some leading-schools. This will offer teachers useful tools for their classroom work.
NORADICA Project wants to connect youths with the heterogeneous religious groups interacting with their daily-life contexts. The aim is to foster the process of understanding the structural diversity of EU society as a value instead of a barrier to reach a peaceful coexistence. NORADICA implements this approach into the main socializing institution, the school, with the upbuilding of a network based upon sh aring information, good practices and research-based knowledge.
All these elements work as a social-constructed antidote to exclusion and radicalization dynamics among youth, empowering teachers and schools with tools and practices related to religious issues.

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Nov. 2017 – Oct. 2019

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