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e‐Medine takes part as partner in the project Senior Sport (S²‐PORT), which was submitted under the programme “Preparatory Actions in the field of Sport ‐ Health and physical activity” by a Spanish coordinator.

As the Commission recommends strengthening the cooperation between health, education, physical activity and sport sectors in order to define and implement coherent strategies to reduce overweight, obesity and other health risks. In this context, S²-PORT encourages public authorities to examine how to promote the concept of active living through the regional and national training systems, including the training of teachers and elderly people. One of the first objectives of this proposal is the joint reflection among different territorial levels and between different actors of civil society, on how to design a methodology to introduce physical activity as a new lifestyle to prevent disease.

Therefore, the overall objective of the project is the development of a holistic methodology for the integration of physical activities, as a new lifestyle, thanks to prevention and palliative cares taking a special attention to healthy aging. The  project promotes physical activity and sport, which are essential instruments for improving the quality of life and social welfare in the social sectors most in need, specially elderly population.

Finally, as main objective foreseen by the Preparatory Action and therefore by this proposal, the methodology aims to be not only a theoretical exercise but a real and practical tool to prepare future EU actions in this field by involving stakeholders in health sectors, sportive training sectors and overall policy sectors that allow to define new political programmes.

e‐Medine is responsible for the whole dissemination strategy and exploitation, including the website development, all the newsletters, press folder, dissemination and exploitation plans.

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Dec. 2009 – Mar. 2011

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288.219,00 €

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