From October 2022, e-Medine is a EUROPE DIRECT centre for Catania Municipality, aiming to engage with citizens and to enable them to make informed choices about the future of the EU by fully participating in the European democratic process. By cultivating a better understanding of how the EU and its democracy work and which issues fall under the EU competences, e-Medine raises citizens’ awareness of how they benefit from the EU on a daily basis. These are the main scopes pursued by e-Medine as EUROPE DIRECT centre:

  • to help identify the aspects of EU policies that are important at local level and to frame messages and activities to match local needs;
  • to help prepare the ground for the strategic political priorities of the Commission and of the Parliament through outreach and citizen engagement activities;
  • to listen to citizens’ expectations and enable feedback to the EU institutions.

EUROPE DIRECT Catania works closely with the Commission Representations and with the European Parliament Liaison Offices (hereafter ‘the EPLOs’) in the respective Member States. It also seeks cooperation with other EU outreach networks and local contact points, including relevant local networks, and promotes exchanges and coordination between them.

To reach these goals, EUROPE DIRECT CATANIA organises and manages several raising awareness communication actions targeted to citizenship, such as:

  • Information and Engagement with Citizens
  • Relations with Local Media and Multipliers
  • Awareness about Sensitive EU Topics at the Local Level
  • Promotion of EU In Schools
  • Promotion of A Regional Network of Networks
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Oct. 2022 - Oct. 2027

Total budget

190.000,00 €

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Other projects in which we partecipated