Starting from the concept of “hackathon” as exploratory programming and marathon and as a tool for networking, knowledge sharing, and inspiring moments, the general scope of this project is the organisation of a “Eurothon”, a European event focused on Europe as a great motherland of the future with debates on roots, threats and ideal horizons, to explore and discuss the values and history of Europe. Final aim is to broaden and strengthen youngsters’ civic engagement and participation in democratic processes at the international, national and local level, through their active participation in this innovative training programme which follow an integrative, student-centred and action-oriented approach, aimed to develop a culture of innovation within communities and amongst educators. EUROTHON project aims to:

  • enhance young people’s civic participation, providing them with the right information, tools and channels to make their voices heard by policy makers and relevant organisations and stand up as tomorrow’s change makers and new EU ambassadors;
  • increase social inclusion of young people on European values, while promoting intercultural dialogue and acceptance of diversity and tolerance;
  • strengthen young people’s sense of initiative, notably in the social field to support their communities;
  • promote equal learning, collaborative work and self-learning, through the involvement of young people in the EUROTHON training programme and event.

The target groups are young people and activists who are active in and for NGOs, youth organizations or wider civil society organizations, but also young people willing to play a more active role as EU Influencer/Ambassador.

e-Medine is coordinator of the EUROTHON project, so it leads all the administrative aspects, the whole implementation process and the organisation of the Learning, Teaching, Training Activities and the Multiplier Events. In addition, e-Medine leads the development of the website and strongly supports the dissemination and communication activities.

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Dec. 2020 - Nov. 2022

Total budget

217.561,00 €

Project number



Erasmus + KA205 - Strategic Partnerships for youth

Other projects in which we partecipated