Photovoltaic panel of third generation: development of solar celles sensitized with organic colorant from Sicilian vegetal products

The aim of SAGRO project is to produce, through experimental research and development, new photovoltaic systems of third generation. The idea is to use Sicilian vegetable products as photoactive raw material, in order to reduce manufacturing costs. Specifically, the developed cells are the photo-electrochemical ones that are sensitized with organic colorant. This kind of cells have been studied for over 20 years (indicated by DSSC stands for Dye Sensitized Solar Cell).

The project is developed in collaboration of University of Catania. JO Consulting provides its competencies in project management.

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Oct. 2011 – Jul. 2014

Total budget

2.169.525,32 €

Project number



PO FESR Sicilia 2007-2013

Other projects in which we partecipated