Training low qualified workers to reduce RISKs and increase resilience in demanding industry using virtual REALity

RISKREAL aims to provide specific tools for the evaluation and acquisition of psychosocial skills and competences needed in low qualification jobs of some industry sectors such as wind power energy, metallic manufacturing or moulding fabrication, and other similar positions in which psychosocial occupational hazards related with emergency management occur. The provided training complements the current certified technical training to contribute to the employability, health and quality of life of the workers as well as the competitiveness of the companies.

The main intellectual outputs are:

  • a gamified app to evaluate the attitudes and skills of workers, able to adapt the training to the specific characteristics of the individuals;
  • theoretical training modules, to be available in digital platforms oriented to psychosocial capacitation and coaching;
  • a virtual reality simulator to prepare potential workers in specific situations or to reproduce work conditions to better train and reinforce the contents defined in the curriculum.

The main target groups of the project are individuals in vulnerable groups due to their social, economic, or educational background; workers with low qualification profiles, interested in improving their skills with regards to psychosocial management; private companies looking for workforce, in particular for low qualified profiles, as well as companies providing training for the referred sectors.

IPPO Engineering coordinates the technical development of the gamified app which evaluates the attitudes and skills of the workers and, based on the different profiles, allows for the adaptation of the training to the specific characteristics of the individuals.

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Sep. 2020 - Aug. 2023

Total budget

387.519,00 €

Project number



Erasmus + KA204 - Strategic Partnerships for Adult Education

Other projects in which we partecipated