WE: Real-World Education to foster environmental awareness

WE project aims to foster environmental awareness and  to produce a series of tools to support the introduction of the skills of ESD and Environmental Awareness in Adult Education, contributing to the creation of a learning path for both  a) the adult educators and b) adults NEETs and especially those coming from socially or economically vulnerable communities.

This will be done through capacity-building activities for adult educators and the creation of innovative open education resources and tools to bring about a shift in people’s values, attitudes, and skills, towards a green transition citizen and participatory action, awareness-raising, and reflection for a sustainable future. Our project is based on a real needs analysis both at the EU and local/regional level from each partner country is innovative, and if funded will contribute to the improvement of adult learning opportunities for adult NEETs and the rise of environmental awareness.

Specifically, the project aims to:

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Dec. 2022 - Dec. 2024

Total budget

250.000,00 €

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