Smart Energy-Efficiency wastewater treatment Plants

The research project, through a contaminative approach between technologies of microelectronics, sensor technology, modelling process control and the experience of the numerous technical researchers and Water Service (SI) managers from the different geographical areas of the region, aims at a profound process of energy efficiency of the water treatment plants present on the entire sicilian territory with specific involvement of the metropolitan areas of Catania and Palermo and of the Free municipal consortium of Enna. In this way, on the one hand it will be possible to take into account the territorial differences, arriving at a characterisation of the entire regional territory, and on the other hand it will be possible to choose three different planting scale (large, medium and small), one for each territorial reality involved, so as to produce results that can be extended to all the plants operating on the island.

IPPO Engineering’s expertise in the energy field is functional to the project in the actions of the energy performance analysis of the plants at the two proposed scales (regional and specific for the three plants).

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Jan. 2023 - Jun. 2025

Total budget

3.425.390,79 €

Project number



POC 2014-2020 - Asse 1 - Azione 1.1.1. (PO FESR - 2014/2020 - Azione 1.1.5)

Other projects in which we partecipated