The project aims to support youth workers and equip them with the necessary knowledge and practices regarding Mindfulness, in order to be able to support youth to cope with work-related stress, improve their well-being and their quality of life.

The relevance of the project is given by the fact that despite work-related stress is not a new concept, in recent years the imbalance between work life and personal life is getting worse, making the implications of work-related stress more visible to the workforce. Mindfulness can help young workers to reduce stress, given that Mindfulness is both a process and an outcome which helps people focus in every moment and cultivate the skill to “be present”.

Youthful purposes are achieved through:

  • the development of a curriculum for youth workers;
  • a Web App.

The Curriculum aims to equip Youth Workers with all the theories and knowledge on the Mindfulness approach, to help young people to overcome stress at their workplaces, while the Web App aims to share the knowledge on Mindfulness from youth workers to young people through modern methods and motivational content.

HT Apps is responsible for the development of the innovative Mindfulness Web App, optimised also for mobiles, constituting the main entertaining digital tool based on interactivity. It will contain theories on Mindfulness, a 21-day programme of meditation, motivational videos and the chance to join a community!

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HT Apps


Apr. 2022 – Apr. 2024

Total budget

173.004,00 €

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Erasmus + KA220-YOU - Cooperation partnerships in youth