Reasoning integrated platform, multimedial, professional

The PRIME project (Integrated Reasoning Platform, Multimedia, Expert) aims to create a sophisticated tool to support law enforcement agencies in the prevention of organized crime, tax evasion and fight corruption. The techniques employed by the project regard the application of probes and sensors for the monitoring of the environment and systemic processes.

In the specific, the system allows the “real time” collection – typically via wireless networks – of multimedia information (audio, video, telemetry data such as the tracking of the positions of a mobile lens, etc.) from a set of sensors located in the places intended to be monitored.

The data collected in this centralized platform (which is hosted by the Institutional Bodies) is stored in a relational database, and aggregated thanks to innovative (semantic) IT technologies – automatically, semi-automatically, or manually – in order to return complex information and facilitate the work of the Operators in charge of correlating the data themselves.

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