Y2W – Youth2Work

Career Support for Unemployed Youth in Europe

VITECO participates as partner in the “Youth2Work” Lifelong Learning Programme project, which aims to support socially disadvantaged people to gain valuable skills & competencies to aid job‐seeking & employability. The Y2W network supports the young unemployed people with their individual needs to access the labour market and helps VET trainers to understand better the needs of the target group.

Y2W has two main target groups: young disadvantaged people and VET trainers supporting them. Y2W can have significant impact on both groups in the short-term, (in terms of immediate benefits), and long-term (through the empowerment of learners, project dissemination and networks created).

The training needs of young disadvantaged NEETs are disseminated to other stakeholders such as policy makers and youth workers, to further improve the provision of EU support for this group. Y2W links with policy such as ‘EC Youth Opportunities Initiative’, helping youngsters to develop skills relevant to the labour market in order to drive down youth unemployment.

VITECO  is  responsible  for  the  elearning  platform,  website  and  Social  Networking/Learning  Zone development – the online space for young unemployed people, where they can chat and swap tips about their journey to employment and share experiences.

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Oct. 2012 – Nov. 2014

Total budget

386.421,00 €

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