We Are at Work, Too

The aim of We are at Work, too project is to enable students with mild intellectual disabilities to receive better social and self-care skills at home (in the family) with a holistic approach, while at the same time they will receive better quality vocational education at the standards demanded by the labour market to increase employability in their fields after graduation.

In many studies, it has been observed that mentally retarded children’s learning capacity increases in the short term with their parent’s participation of education programs, as well as the child’s sense of trust and language skills. For this reason, a comprehensive and planned family education program will be prepared, according to the concrete needs and addressing the target audience.

VITECO is the technical partner of the project. It is in charge of the project website and development of the elearning platform.

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Oct. 2019 – Apr. 2022

Total budget

242.511,00 €

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