The VESTA project involves the construction of a security system based on innovative short-range technologies.

The system is based on a virtual cloud unit that collects information from the sensors, interprets them and makes them available to users through web or app. Therefore, the system signals dangerous situations in the moment they occur by detecting possible intrusions through audio and video inputs. Differently from traditional security systems, the sensors play an active role in the detection of possible intruders.

Traditional prevention and alarm systems use a physical control unit as security system that could be subject to sabotage by burglars in case of dangerous situations.

Key advantage of VESTA technology is the virtual control unit managed through a cloud system which represents the server part that captures the information coming from the sensors and makes them available to the user through a web access or from any mobile device. Being an in-cloud alarm, the web / mobile interface allows the user to configure the sensors, to associate them with the environment to monitor, to decide the types of alarms to be enabled and to consult any audio / video multimedia contents generated after an alarm is activated. The sensors are designed in such a way as to signal a danger even with the inhabitants inside the apartment and therefore in system deactivated conditions.

The contribution of PMF Research consists in the creation of the virtual control unit able to manage and monitor a network of sensors in a simple and optimal way. In addition, PMF Research manages the creation of the web and interfaces (Android and iOS).

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Jan. 2017 – Dec. 2018

Total budget

823.721,26 €

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Other projects in which we partecipated