VITECO participates in the development of the project SMEELEARN – SMEs and eLEARNING –under the domain of Erasmus+ programme, KA2 “Cooperation and Innovation for Good Practices”. The project aims to promote the transfer of innovative training practices from formal educational institution to SMEs. Due to the fact that SMEs need tailored training, fit for their needs, it is important to offer alternative forms of training, such as e-learning. For this purpose, the increasing use of e-learning in education has allowed SMEs to organize their learning, in their own time and space at low cost.

By creating a “SME e-Learning Portal”, SMEs would have a source of information to access. It is imperative that alternative methods of learning, such as e-learning, should go together with the creation of more small and medium-led business generating new sources of welfare and jobs. The overall objective is to struggle against unemployment, promoting the reinforcement of innovation and creativity and entrepreneurial spirit at all levels of education and training.

VITECO is co-lead partner for the ICT field, being in charge for the development of a “SME eLearning Guide” and a “SME eLearning Portal”. The first one assists SMEs and their employees when considering including e-learning as part of their training portfolio. The second one is constituted by a collaborative platform, e-learning courses, online web-seminars and a dedicated social network.

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Sep. 2014 – Aug. 2016

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