Action-based approach in addressing and mitigating risk of young people in online social networks

RISE has a primary objective to create a framework where young people feel safe in the online communities through developing and promoting the methodologies and services to prevent and combat the risks of digitalisation, and especially of social media exposure. RISE establishes a three-way approach, which includes:

  • a methodology designed to address the needs of young people in the framework of digitalisation and especially of social media in the age of COVID-19 pandemic;
  • a game (mobile and online version) for young people aiming to reach young people and prevent and mitigate risks of social networks (PR2);
  • a capacity building programme (OER/PR3) for youth workers and youth trainers, and a joint staff training (C1) for NGO volunteers, education staff, and organisation staff, aiming to help them to build capacity when dealing with risks of young people in social networks, especially in the COVID-19 age

VITECO is the leading partner in PR2. As a technical partner, VITECO designs and develops the game, and its online version, tests the game, and publishes the game to end-users. The objective is to develop a modern and innovative smartphone game (and an online version) for young people, that improves the digital skills of young people and supports them to identify, prevent, and mitigate risks of online social networks.

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Jan. 2022 - Dec. 2023

Total budget

235.596,00 €

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Erasmus + KA220 – Cooperation partnerships in youth

Other projects in which we partecipated