Preserving and promoting Europe’s cultural and linguistic heritage through empowerment of bilingual children and families

The GENERAL OBJECTIVE of PEaCH is to create step-by-step guidance for parents and  educators on how to support, maintain and develop a child’s home language(s) after a family moves to a different language environment within the EU. PEaCH also wants to raise educator’s awareness of  the benefits of bilingualism and home languages.

Therefore, PEaCH will reach two types of main TARGET USERS:

The project will produce four INTELLECTUAL OUTPUTS:

Main impact of PEaCH project:

PMF Research is the leader of the dissemination of the project, therefore it will develop the communication strategy of the project and will establish and manage the social media channels and the website that will be used to disseminate the results. PMF is also the leader of the Intellectual Output 2 consisting of the realization of a set of educational videos.

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Dec. 2019 - Nov. 2021

Total budget

61.134,00 €

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