Mobile Video Conference System

MVCS project finds a viable solution to multimedia convergence. The activity presented in the project plan aims at introducing new multimedia services relevant in terms of technological innovation, both for companies and privates users. The main objective of the initiative is to develop a mobile/fixed convergent solution which can connect in videoconference all types of mobile devices through a traditional internet-based video communication system. Our innovative solution allows the use of a PDA as a video-mobile IP phone, able to manage video-calls among PDAs, 3G terminals and fixed PCs. The research programme envisages the analysis of topics concerning the interoperability among different networks (CDMA and packet based) and transmission techniques of audio/video data flows among WiFi and UMTS networks.

PMF Research contributes to the activities development based on available transport networks to introduce new multimedia services useful either for corporations either for private users.

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Oct. 2006 – Jun. 2008

Total budget

500.000,00 €

Project number



POR Sicilia 2000-2006

Other projects in which we partecipated