Innovative Mathematics Learning Software for Migrant Students

The objective of immiMATH project is to develop, test and disseminate elearning software for teaching mathematics in multicultural and multilingual classrooms. The software provides teachers training activities focused in particular on migrant students.

This is done by:

  • Performing a needs analysis amongst math teachers and teacher trainers;
  • Developing an elearning software for “motivation and learning” as well as for “practice and assessment”, piloting and testing this software with teachers and school students, and make this software available in all partner languages;
  • Teaming up with teacher training institutions in other countries to present the elearning software there;
  • Organizing an international teacher training event with a workshop to introduce teachers to the elearning software and show possible classroom uses;
  • Disseminating outputs using a wide variety of regional, national, and international dissemination channels and according to a common dissemination strategy.

The expected impacts, both during the project and as longer term benefits, are for teachers and teachers’ trainers to benefit from having an elearning software specifically designed for teaching and learning of mathematics in multicultural classrooms which have been proven to work in several countries; for migrant students to benefit from using the math software by easier reaching their learning goals and increasing their motivation in learning mathematics; for all students (migrant and non-migrant) to benefit from the elearning software and from teachers who can convey the principle that a multitude of cultures and languages in a learning.

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Oct. 2017 – Nov. 2019

Total budget

208.057,00 €

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Other projects in which we partecipated