VITECO takes part to Heritage Hubs project, co-funded by the European programme “Creative Europe”.

The purpose of the project is to enhance intercultural interaction and cultural integration by encouraging young people to explore and share their own heritage and to get to know and practice the heritage of others. The project enables school classes with students aged between 11–15 in different European countries to share a part of their own culture and practice the culture of others digitally and face-to-face. The choice is up to the students. The technique of presenting and sharing the heritage is via audio-visual material (e.g. videos) and other digital solutions.

This approach provides opportunities to recognise and understand that many traditions come from the same European background sharing historical similarities. This can deepen the understanding of the meaning of the cultural heritage for the individual wellbeing as well as for a group and a community, and it can increase respect towards the cultural heritage of others and the feeling of belonging to a common cultural space.

During the project different methods are tested and shared and research activities are carried out in order to develop practical methods and tools that professionals can use in order to integrate culture, heritage and intercultural interaction into their daily work with young people. The project is carried out by the project leader and partners (5 countries) in cooperation with the associates (such as schools involved in the project).

VITECO provides technological consultancy and support: planning the digital solutions for the project together with the leader and the other partners. VITECO supports partners and participants during the project and creates an online digital platform where young people can get to know each other and their heritage through sharing the audio-visual they have made.

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May. 2018 – Jan. 2020

Total budget

191.158,59 €

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Other projects in which we partecipated