Generations in Interaction: Intergenerational Learning as a Constructor of Identity and Culture

The main idea of the project GE&iN is to create concrete and versatile models for enhancing intergenerational learning. During the project partners conduct intergenerational learning courses for companies, universities and individuals, a teacher training guide based on creative methods to support intergenerational learning and a model for the development of intergenerational centres. All outputs are collected on a platform and made available to all stakeholders. The project includes the idea of bidirectional intergenerational learning, not only from older to younger. In fact, nowadays, there are many sectors of life where younger people can transfer their knowledge and skills to older people, for example ICT.

VITECO provides the platform as innovative and interactive online space for teachers and facilitators to develop a wide European network in which universities, teachers of formal schools, NGOs organizations and facilitators of non formal sector, parents and business representatives share and exchange information, experiences, suggestions and examples of good practices about intergenerational learning.

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Sep. 2018- Aug. 2020

Total budget

223.644,00 €

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Erasmus+ KA204 - Strategic Partnership for Adult Education

Other projects in which we partecipated