fe:male – Female Entrepreneurs Mentoring & Lifelong Learning Across the Europe

VITECO  participated as partner in Lifelong Learning Programme project, which supported potential women entrepreneurs across Europe, particularly those facing extra challenges such as being from a BAME background, over 50 a lone parent or long‐term unemployed.

The fe:male network helped women to increase self‐confidence and life skills in order to develop their business ideas and become successful entrepreneurs.  fe:male was run by a consortium of organizations across five European countries that worked together to support and develop female entrepreneurship across Europe. The  group  came  together  to  develop  the  vocational  and personal  training  available  across  Europe  in order  to support women and give them the skills needed to start up in business.

VITECO  was  the  leader  of  E  Module  ‐  Women  Entrepreneurs  E‐Learning  work  package,  starting  from development of the e‐learning exercises, development of the website and development of the online Social

Networking/Learning Zone, in order to provide an online space for women to create a network with women entrepreneurs from the partner countries.

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Feb. 2012 – Nov. 2013

Total budget

339.450,00 €

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