Fostering entrepreneurship through mentoring and learning in Europe

FEMALE – Fostering entrepreneurship through mentoring and learning in Europe – is previous FEMALE continuation involving new countries such as Lithuania and Spain. The project is led by Directorate of Labour at national level and includes other 5 partners.

The project contributes to bridge the skills gap and strengthen the competencies of women entrepreneurs to make them successful in business, contributing to growth and job creation in the EU and reducing unemployment. FEMALE implements a methodology, Business Accelerator Growth Programme, which combines hard and soft skills; hard skills such as business strategy, finance, tax and accountancy, product development, marketing, exporting, social media. The soft skills module includes self-efficacy training and goal setting, using action learning methods.

The methodology has been tested and used in UK, with great success but is now transferred to Iceland, Spain and Lithuania. The project also develops a practical online handbook for the target group and an elearning platform for them to network, share their experience and for marketing issues.

The impact of the project is more qualified women entrepreneurs, contributing to growth, bridge the skills gap and job creation. Also a raised awareness of women entrepreneurs and their needs. Partners can have more skilled staff and access to a new methodology which will be sustainable after the project ends. The project can also have impact on the VET system, increasing the availability of learning material for entrepreneurs.

VITECO is engaged as ICT expert for distance education and build up skills through the development of an elearning platform for distance learning, interactive exercises and platform of e-Hub.

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Oct. 2013 – Nov. 2015

Total budget

254.585,00 €

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Other projects in which we partecipated