European Driver Education in Road Safety

Improving drivers’ safety and reducing crashes and resulting deaths and injuries is a fundamental objective of the E-DRIVERS project. The project aims to address the high levels of young driver risk by taking into account some of the highly complex root causes of the problem, which include inexperience, age, gender, physiological and emotional development, personality, social norms and individuals’ socio-economic circumstances. The E-DRIVERS project addresses risky behaviours of young drivers and pre-drivers through needs analysis, peer-to-peer learning and training programmes.

To do so, E-DRIVERS develops a learner education and training programme using new technologies (elearning platform and iOS app) and providing training for interventionists such as teachers, trainers, youth workers, probation officers, etc.

E-Drivers produces a trainer handbook, as repository of learning resources, and a Handbook of Good Practices for policy makers and those responsible for drivers’ safety, community safety, police and justice systems at local and regional level. It is expected that the E-DRIVERS project impacts at 3 levels:

Long term benefits are that organisations which are responsible for road safety, health and welfare and law and justice can have an additional countermeasure to risky behaviour in their portfolio.

VITECO is dissemination leader and technological partner, developing the elearning platform and the iOS app for drivers’ safety.

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Nov. 2017 – Nov. 2018

Total budget

205.211,00 €

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Other projects in which we partecipated