CO-M-E and play for health! Gamification in senior health education

The main goal of the project CO-M-E and play for health! is to create a toolbox for senior educators and carers for the elderly, enabling work in the field of health education based on the process of self-diagnosis, self-reflection and modular content selection depending on the needs of the group and the moment of the learning process. The tool box consists of:

  • a packet of games in stationary education (CO-M-E and sit to play!);
  • on-line games (CO-M-E ON and play!);
  • a handbook presenting the methodology of working with these tools (CO-M-E – how to play?).

Educators, volunteers and caregivers working with seniors have innovative tools to better interact and comprehend elderlies and their difficulties. Through the online games and the cards, together with the tool box that gives practical tips to better use them, educators are able to diagnose the cognitive capabilities and mental condition of learners. This gives them the opportunity to better define the educational path for seniors.

The project boosts the creation of a collaborative learning interaction environment between educators and seniors. By raising the awareness and training on sensitive issues such as Cognitive, Mental or Emotional health, it is possible to spread good practices to use innovative tools such as games to support and educate the elderly.

VITECO is the leader of the IO3 concerning the development of online games; it is also responsible for the Logo of the project and its visual identity. Moreover, given its strong experience in graphic design and web development, it is responsible for the creation of the multilingual and user-friendly website of the project.

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Dec. 2020 - Jul. 2022

Total budget

132.146,00 €

Project number



Erasmus+ KA204 - Strategic Partnerships for adult education

Other projects in which we partecipated