BONY ‐ Babylon and ONtology

Babylon and Ontology – Multilingual and Cognitive e-Learning Management System via PDA Phone

The most important project that P.M.F. Research coordinated was the project BONy   ‐  Babylon  and ONtology  (BONy) ‐  Multilingual  and Cognitive  e‐Learning  Management  System  via  PDA  Phone, which  was  an European  Educational  Social  Network.  This project was financed with the support of the European commission in the field of the program “Lifelong Learning Programme”, managed by EACEA.

BONy was developed with the aim to create a new generation of Learning   Management   System,   capable   to create multilingual formative training programs projected on specific requirements, using forms of artificial intelligence.

The idea, which moved us in developing the BONy project, was the intention of changing the paradigm of on‐line learning. We wished to create a European Educational Social Network for social and collaborative learning, knowledge sharing and knowledge production.

In BONy Social Network, users could cover the double role of Teachers or Students depending by their professional and linguistic skills or by their educational needs. Thus, we sponsored a collaborative and diffused model of social education. One of the main impacts is the reduction of educational cost and implements the accessibility of education at an international level.

BONy created an active online community where everybody shared knowledge and benefits from other users’ knowledge alike. The BONy technology automatically channelled user questions to competent fellow users who were willing to help. BONy enabled real‐time communication between knowledge seekers and appropriate experts via its chat interface. In addition, users could edit notebooks or semantic Wikis and thus contributed to a constantly growing knowledge base. The Social Network included an Expert finding system and a user reputation system, too.

P.M.F. Research also developed an Ontology describing the Knowledge domain and a Multilingual and Semantic Search engine to retrieve multilingual information. This engine could be implemented further for World Wide Web information retrieval. BONy was a proof–of–concept prototype addressing the issues listed above.

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Jan. 2008 – Dec. 2009

Total budget

491.203,00 €

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