Blockchain for Entrepreneurs – a non-traditional Industry 4.0 curriculum for Higher Education

The project BLOCKS creates a networked platform of collaboration on curriculum development for universities and companies in Romania, Italy, Estonia, Latvia and Greece to develop non-traditional, blended-learning courses, tailored for an Industry 4.0 world, focused on providing teachers, students and entrepreneurs with knowledge and skills on the blockchain. The approach is non-technologically intensive, as the purpose is to provide a business-oriented type of knowledge applicable for all types of students and entrepreneurs. The project shall identify critical skills and knowledge packs needed in blockchain-powered economy and implement them in the curriculum of universities, in a gamified, user-design oriented manner, tailored for various types of users.

VITECO provides technological consultation and support for the definition, creation and distribution of toolkits or study materials to be used.

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Sep. 2018 - Aug. 2021

Total budget

390,117.00 €

Project number



Erasmus+ KA203 - Strategic Partnership for Higher Education

Other projects in which we partecipated