AR Physics Made for Students

The project ARphymedes has the objective to popularize physics among young people, who, instead, often find it as unattractive, excessively complex and in general unappealing. Such perception has led to a general lack in scientific knowledge by European students which can cause a further skill gap in the future.

In order to avoid this, the project aims to address the following:

  • to increase the engagement of all students in physics education, by providing hands-on opportunities for all students, especially those that are currently under-represented in physics, that on average perform relatively poorly in STEM;
  • to lift the size and average achievements of the group of students using the developed educational book;
  • to eliminate the problems related to material shortage of teachers, to facilitate the preparation of interactive classes.

These objective will be obtained by realising several useful resources, namely:

  • A student book telling the story of the most important milestones in physics through a highly interactive approach.
  • A teacher’s book that will contain extensive teaching support materials, including the additional materials published online on the project web page. Every chapter of the Teachers book will have description of learning outcomes, core instructions, demonstrations, visuals (AR), differentiated instructions, problems with solutions, challenges for critical thinking, assessment tools, and specialised support.
  • An augmented reality enabled application for Android and iOS mobile devices, both smartphones and tablets, that will be freely available to download through the digital markets of Google Play and appStore. The application will consist of a number of modules, each one corresponding to an important milestone of the evolution and the history of physics and it will interact with the book content.
  • An Online Training Programme, in line with the actual needs and challenges and for supporting the actual implementation of the student book with the AR application and teachers book developed by the partnership.

VITECO will take care of the graphic layout of all the resources developed by the project, even included the project’s visual identity. VITECO will take also advantage of its expertise in the gamification field to provide precious feedback and support to the partnership in the realisation of the student book and mobile application.

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Sept. 2020 - Aug. 2023

Total budget

442.006,00 €

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