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VITECO participates in the development of the ASK – Parents project, under the domain of the Erasmus + programme, KA2 Strategic Partnerships for Adult Education.

The project aims to raise the quality of life of parents of children with Special Educational Needs (SEN) thanks to guiding, counselling and training services for their active integration. Thanks to the development of an e-guide and a mobile application, Special Educational Needs parents can improve their personal and ICT skills, find out and share best practices, exchange tips and suggestions with other parents.

ASK Parents project has been developed expressly to respond to the information needs of parents, those who have just learned their child has Special Educational Needs and those who have lived with this reality for some time but who have reached a transition point where they need new information or renewed support. Therefore, the project is intended as a source of information and reference for parents who have a child with special needs.

VITECO is the dissemination leader, being responsible for conceiving a high impact dissemination strategy, the social media management, the implementation of a dissemination plan and all the aspects related to the project promotion (website logo, brochures, newsletters, etc.).

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Nov. 2015 – Oct. 2017

Total budget

143.461,00 €

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