European Digital Skills Hub for Remote Workers

RemoteNET has been prepared in partnership with important actors in the labour market of the partner countries. Workers and new entities come together at this digital-based Workstation, to build an EU-level digital adult education provider network. Employees in the digital-based workstation are able to experience the virtual office. Within this platform, they are able to access all digital skill resources they may need during their remote working processes.

They learn digital skills in different topics such as cyber security awareness and first measures, remote working software, digital communication tools and digital literacy. They also increase adaptation to this transformation process in working life, as the contents address the topics that may be needed in the remote working process. The RemoteNET project aims to fully support the well-being of individuals, in the remote working process, by developing an online guide that improves time management, stress management, work-life balance and ergonomics practices related to other problems.

Intellectual outputs:

  • IO1: Digital Workstation for Remote Work
  • IO2: Massive Open Online Course for Remote Skills
  • IO3: Interactive Guideline for Work Wellbeing

VITECO is the leading organisation of IO1: Digital WorkStation. VITECO develops a learning environment in which users are able to create their personal profile and choose the materials that best fit their learning needs. Workers can increase and test their knowledge thanks to several kinds of resources, while the interactive element is provided by partners using online didactic materials. Each learning object is interactive, with high quality standards, in order to engage users during the learning process.

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Dec. 2021 - Dec. 2023

Total budget

156.355,00 €

Project number



Erasmus+ KA220 - Cooperation partnerships in adult education

Other projects in which we partecipated