The Rationalization project is implemented by a group of 7 institutions, Konya Food and Agriculture University (coordinating institution) from Turkey, ASAJ from Spain, DEULA from Germany, DTC from the Netherlands and VITECO from Italy. Instructors, researchers, academics, experts and technicians from the project partner institutions participate.

The project seeks to help farmers and farmer organisations, who engage in livestock and animal feed cultivation to prepare feed ration, and to make sure that the farmers utilise digital systems in this field.

Rationalization has two outputs, the training curriculum and online training platform, a tool for feeding dairy cows, calves-heifers, dry cows and male cattle, ration preparation , nutritional diseases, forage crop farming and storage, and animal welfare.

The target audience of the project are veterinarians and agricultural engineers at national and international level, the stakeholders are NGOs dealing with animal husbandry, feed companies, feed operators and farmers.

VITECO is responsible for the technical implementation and design of the online training platform according to the highest quality standards, a dynamic learning environment, innovative in terms of animal feed. VITECO is also responsible for language settings, gamification and IT security.

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Jun. 2021 – May 2024

Total budget

181.115,00 €

Project number



Erasmus + KA2

Other projects in which we partecipated