MY Smart School – distance learning educational methodologies and tools for teachers, students and school environments

In the complex scenario determined by the Covid-19 pandemic, MY Smart School wants to support teachers of both primary and secondary schools to keep up with the need of reshaping traditional curricula and learning environments towards Distance Learning, providing them with e-Courses on how to approach teaching and communication through online video sessions, plus other flexible and concrete digital solutions based on the students’ age, with the final aim to solve the main issues and limits they experienced during the lockdown. Also, a blended training session is organised to provide teachers with more insights concerning educational methodologies and suggestions, as well as Multipliers Events in all the countries involved, aimed to transfer the methodology, resources and best practices to all the potential beneficiaries, including schools, policy makers and public institutions. The main results of the project are related to the development of innovative resources and digital tools which contributes in the medium-long run to decrease the loss of educational opportunities and to effectively face the adoption of Distance Learning.

This is possible thanks to:

  • a new model of education for primary and secondary school teachers based on open online educational resources and a digital learning platform;
  • tailored and flexible digital tools and assessment instruments to be exploited by teachers during their online classes in the short and long term;
  • a set of recommendations defined and validated by teachers to be practically used during online classes also after the project lifetime.

VITECO is coordinator of the MYSS project, so it leads all the administrative aspects, the whole implementation process and the organisation of the Multiplier Events. In addition, VITECO leads the IO2 “MYSS e-platform for teachers and students” which includes the realization of the video tutorials for teachers and the development of the platform and digital tools. Moreover, VITECO is responsible for setting-up the website and strongly supports the dissemination and communication activities.

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Apr. 2021 Mar. 2023

Total budget

240.330,00 €

Project number



Erasmus + KA226 - Partnerships for Digital Education Readiness

Other projects in which we partecipated