MYgrant METAMORPHOSIS – Professionalization Of Youth Workers – Integration Of Migrants Through Multi-Medial & Art-Based Learning

MGM – MYgrant METAMORPHOSIS Professionalisation of Youth Workers – is an ERASMUS+ project funded by the European Union. It supports the social inclusion of young people with migrant backgrounds and reinforces their role as active citizens through developing a common understanding of multiculturalism and coping with language barriers. Furthermore it provides a set of methods and tools supporting youth workers in their professional activities by using art as a driver for education. The main goal of MGM is to create a supportive environment for youth workers in favour of social inclusion of young people with migrant background and reinforce their role as European citizens through the following project outcomes:

  • an Handbook for youth workers which provides youth workers with methodology as well as media and art workshop scenarios while working with young people;
  • a Board Game, a tool for intercultural education, that ensures interactions, builds common understanding and enables us to observe emotions as well as reactions;
  • an e-Learning Platform that offers a digital library of various multimedia content (videos, graphics, animations, soundcasts, etc.) which support and extend the content of the e-book;
  • an Event Management Guide that provides support in organising artistic events with a low budget. It gives simple instructions on how to put young peoples’ ideas into practice.

The main target group are youth organizations and youth workers dealing with young people with migrant background. The project focuses on shaping their competencies in work with migrant youth.

VITECO is the leader of IO4 – MYgrant EVENT – How to organise My own Event? Guides for Event Management.

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Sep. 2018 - Aug. 2021

Total budget

339.401,00 €

Project number



Erasmus+ KA205 - Strategic Partnerships for Youth

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