Design, Development, Implementation and Assessment of Skill Formation Process in the Frame of VET for R&D Staff

VITECO takes part to e-RD project co-funded by the European programme “Erasmus +”.

In today’s world, where science and technology fields are experiencing new developments day by day, R&D has the undeniable importance both in the private sector and in the countries. The importance and value of knowledge are increasing rapidly, while innovation is becoming the key to competitiveness. As stated in the Tenth Development Plan, “the relationship between knowledge-based production and growth is obvious, and the point that countries such as China and India have reached supports this fact”.

The project e-RD supports the personnel working within R&D studies (R&D workers) and international collaborations focusing on work-oriented learning. It aims at implementing transnational activities and collaboration, which are focusing on supporting and developing R&D and innovation VET of the engineers in both EU and Turkey.

These include the creation of an international joint VET curriculum, the development of ICT-based innovative and effective elearning software and skill-formation certification at international level. The project and the interactive learning system shall strengthen key competences in VET (common methodologies as well as for outcomes in those curricula) and enhance access to training and qualifications for all. This represents a benefit for civil society, public and private sectors.

VITECO, as technological partner, provides an elearning software with a set of elearning tools to support both Turkish and European engineers focusing on work-oriented learning. The idea is to create an interactive learning system that enhances access to training and qualifications for R&D workers by increasing quality, supply and accessibility of continuous VET.

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Sep. 2018 - Aug. 2021

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187,208.00 €

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Other projects in which we partecipated